Welcome to Maps4Minecraft.com!

If you are looking for some custom saved game worlds, manually created by talented Minecraft fans, than you are at the right place. We are proud to host various custom maps of our users. If you have created your own Minecraft map, feel free to submit it on our website. Also you might check our epic adventure maps, puzzle maps, challenging survival maps and so much more. With all these together we are an unofficial fan community for the great game called Minecraft!

What are Minecraft Maps?

Minecraft maps are not just the file saved within the Minecraft game folder. It is a different world, where players can role play, adventure, create some epic story or fight for your life and test your problem solving abilities. Actually the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your own imagination. You can try it right now and create your own story, your own world where you define rules and then you can share your world with everyone by submitting your map on our website.

What is Minecraft?

Still don’t know what is Minecraft? Minecraft is the computer game with the sandbox style. However, when you play it you immerse into the different world that allows you to create anything with blocks, which are kind of like the Lego blocks. The game can be played single player and multiplayer mode and it has four different game modes which are: Survival, Adventure, Creative and Hardcore. The game became very famous because it fully supports third-party modding and there are so many of custom user created mods, various texture packs, skins and other which can be downloaded from various websites. Also, you can save your world and share it with other players worldwide by uploading it on our website.