Waka Islands v1.1.5


Welcome! This version is the final release. It will, however, be released in stages due to the fact that I require the aid of MCP, then Forge, then Ingame NBTedit! DO NOT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE! If you want to do a Let's Play of this or a review, feel free to do so, just provide a link to the download

Craft a Bed
Get all the wool colors
Make a fireplace of Brick (Not Stone Brick or Nether Brick)
Craft a Piston
Mine a Diamond!
Find the dungeon
Make a Pumpkin farm
Make a Melon Farm
Make a Wheat Farm
Get 64 Saplings
Get some obsidian
Go to the Nether
Make a house out of a giant red mushroom
Get 64 Steaks
Get 64 Porkchops
Craft some TNT
Craft a Tier 2 Golden Apple
Make a Sugar Cane Farm
Make a Giant Mushroom Farm
Make some Glowstone
Find a Cake
Get a Ghast Tear
Brew up to 5 different potions
Make Chainmail Armor
Get Some Netherrakk
Get 32 Bookcases (Thanks Noodle_13!)
Find the Hidden Nether Portal
Craft Full Leather Armor
Craft Full Iron Armor
Craft Full Gold Armor
Craft Full Diamond Armor
Find all Secret Temples
Make a Blaze Mob Trap
Get a 64 Stack of Glowstone
Go to the End
Kill the Enderdragon
End the Game!
Decipher a Wakan Language Sign
Make a Cobblestone Generator
Get 32 Enderpearls
Make a Mob Grinder
Make an XP Farm
Completely Light Each Island
Saddle a Pig
Create a Lava Fountain on the Desert Island
Find All Buried Treasure
Find the Hidden Emeralds
Discover the End Island
Don't Set Off Any TNT Traps
Enter the End Chamber
Enter End Chamber without removing Lava
Get 4 Cookies
Grow 1 of Every Kind of Tree
Make a Carrot Farm
Make a Potato Farm
Make a Poisonous Potato
Make a Golden Carrot
Get 32 Nether Wart
Make 16 TNT
Get a Potion of Fire Resistance
Connect Each Island Together
Get 64 Mushroom Stews
Write a Book
Ride a Pig With a Carrot on a Stick
Make a Firework
Use A Wakan Teleporter
Complete King Waka's Quest
Collect the Enderdragon Egg
Collect 64 Snowballs
Make a Snow Golem
Make a Iron Golem
Forgive your Father (?)
Repopulate the Islands
Trade with a villager
Convert a Zombie Villager back to Normal
Find King Waka
Offer an item to the Wakan Gods
Find the 3 Hidden Wither Skulls
Make the Wither Boss
Kill the Wither Boss
Get a Nether Star
Make a Beacon
Get 16 Nether Quartz
Make a Daylight Sensor
Craft 16 Nether Brick Blocks
Craft a piece of Magma Cream
Make a Redstone Contraption of any kind
Find all of the Artifacts
Complete all of the Quests
Find all of the Wakan God Shrines

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