[v1.1.0] NetherBlock

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You've spawned in the Nether, and you've only got limited resources. You decide to explore the surrounding islands and planetoids, with only one porpuse: surviving. As of now, there are 40 challenges for you to complete. Explore the map and complete all challenges, but watch out! There are several traps scattered over the entire map.

The items you start with:


  • Do not hurt a zombie pigmen, and they won't hurt you.
  • You can deflect a fire charge by hitting it.
  • Make your cobblestone generator in the Overworld.
  • Do not sleep in the Nether.


  1. You are not allowed to go to the mainland.
  2. No mods/hacks/using commands.
  3. Do not play on 'Peaceful'.

You can also access these challenges in-game through a book!

  1. Explore all islands/planetoids
  2. Make a cobblestone generator
  3. Build a house
  4. Craft a crafting table and a furnace
  5. Get wool in the following colours: white, green, red, yellow, blue
  6. Craft a bow and 10 arrows
  7. Craft a flint & steel
  8. Craft 20 glass
  9. Make a melon farm
  10. Make a wheat farm
  11. Make a sugar cane farm
  12. Make a mob trap
  13. Make an animal farm (make a baby pig, sheep, cow and chicken)
  14. Build a Nether portal
  15. Craft a fishing rod
  16. Catch 10 fish
  17. Tame an ocelot
  18. Collect 10 bones
  19. Tame a wolf
  20. Craft a book
  21. Craft an enchantment table
  22. Enchant all of your tools
  23. Craft a map
  24. Collect 10 blaze rods
  25. Collect 10 golden nuggets
  26. Collect 20 rotten flesh
  27. Craft a brewing stand
  28. Craft a cauldron
  29. Craft 6 glass bottles
  30. Brew an Awkward Potion
  31. Collect an apple
  32. Make a golden apple
  33. Craft a bowl
  34. Make 10 mushroom stews
  35. Make a giant brown and red mushroom
  36. Craft a shears
  37. Make 10 Jack-O-Lanterns
  38. Make a Snow Golem
  39. Make an Iron Golem
  40. Make a cake


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