[v1.2.0] Lonely Tree Survival


3 VARIANTS AVAILABLE: Normal, XL and XXL! Click the "Files" tab to choose the one you want, clicking the "Download" button will only download the latest uploaded variant! Check below for more information!

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Lonely Tree Survival is an extreme survival map. You're in the middle of the ocean, there's no seabed, no islands, no land. It's just you, one block of dirt and a tree on top of it. Your goal: complete the challenges below. On top of the tree, there is a chest with a couple of materials you will need:


You can always check these challenges in-game through a book which will be in the chest!

1) Make a cobblestone generator
2) Build a house
3) Craft a crafting table and a furnace
4) Craft a bow
5) Make a melon farm
6) Make a pumpkin farm
7) Make a wheat farm
8 ) Make a sugar cane farm
9) Make a carrot farm
10) Make a potato farm
11) Craft a bed
12) Craft a stack of stone bricks
13) Make a mob spawner + trap
14) Craft a fishing rod
15) Catch 10 fish and cook them
16) Collect 10 bones
17) Collect 20 rotten flesh
18) Collect an apple
19) Craft a bowl
20) Collect 10 pumpkins
21) Make 10 Jack 'o' Lanterns
22) Make a bed
23) Make a boat
24) Collect wool in these colours: white, black, gray, light gray, red, yellow, orange and pink
25) Collect 10 red and 10 yellow flowers
26) Collect 10 ink sacs
27) Collect 50 gunpowder
28) Craft 10 paintings and decorate your house with them
29) Collect 1 Ender Pearl
30) Collect 25 Melon Slices
31) Collect 50 arrows
32) Bake 10 breads
33) Use bone meal 10 times to instantly grow a tree
34) Craft 10 brick stairs
35) Craft 10 cobblestone stairs
36) Make a pumpkin pie
37) Make a golden carrot
38) Craft a clock
39) Craft a compass
40) Make a brewing stand


For some challenges, you will need items that won't be in the starting chest. Instead, you will have to find them. Underwater, there are several hollow glass cubes with a chest in it. Don't drown!


- Do not swim/make a bridge/use a boat to go to the mainland
- Do not play on Peaceful
- No mods/using commands

Let's Play's
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VARIANT #1: XL Edition

The concept is the same, but you spawn on a big oak tree. The challenges are also the same.

VARIANT #2: XXL Edition

The concept is the same, but you spawn on a huge jungle tree! The challenges are the same, except for one that has been added: make a cocoa bean farm!

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