[v1.0.1] Upside Down Survival

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Like the name suggests, everything in this survival map is Upside Down. Objective: survive. Don't expect to see any chest with starting items, you'll have to begin from scratch to complete the challenges! There's only one rule: do not play on peaceful.

1) Make a cobblestone generator
2) Find the spawner
3) Get 8 mossy cobblestone
4) Find one of every ore (Coal, Emerald, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli)
5) Make a mob spawner
6) Make a mob grinder
7) Collect 8 chiseled stone brick
8 ) Craft a bucket
9) Make a crafting table
10) Make a furnace
11) Make a house
12) Craft 3 glass
13) Reach level 10
14) Make a wheat farm
15) Make a carrot farm
16) Make a potato farm
17) Make a cocoa bean farm
17) Get a bucket of lava
19) Make stone and wooden tools
20) Kill 20 Silverfish

You are more than welcome to record videos of this map. But if you do, please give credit to youtube.com/wafflecakesminecraft and a link to this thread in the description. Send me a message and I will add your video to the list!

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