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This post is about my newest MC survival map. It's called UNDERGROUND SURVIVAL and is compatible with MC 1.7.2. You spawn in a small room deep in a cave system, and you need to stay alive and complete the challenges. You are allowed to leave the cave system, but only if there's a challenge where you have to. Here's the rules and challenges:

1. Play on any difficulty except peaceful.
2. Play on survival mode.
3. Don't use any cheats.
4. Don't use any mods or hacks.
5. Play on minecraft 1.7

1. Grow a tree.
2. Grow a wheat.
3. Grow a pumpkin.
4. Grow a melon.
5. Grow a sugarcane.
6. Grow a cactus.
7. Grow a giant brown mushroom.
8. Grow a giant red mushroom.
9. Make a giant farm including every plant there is.

1. Cook 1 porkchop.
2. Cook 1 chicken.
3. Cook 1 steak.
4. Cook 1 fish.
5. Make a big farm of animals and cook 10 of every food.
6. Craft 10 bread.
7. Eat 20 melons.
8. Make pumpkin pie.
9. Make a cake.

1. Earn 20 rotten flesh.
2. Earn 5 spider eyes.
3. Earn 5 ender pearls.
4. Get an enchanted bow from a skeleton.
5. Knock 5 hostile mobs into lava.
6. Knock 5 hostile mobs into the void.
7. Kill 5 mobs in 15 seconds.
8. Create a mob trap that doesn't destroy any droppings.
9. Murder 50 of every mob.

1. Mine 640 redstone.
2. Make a piston.
3. Make a sticky piston.
4. Make a stone button.
5. Make a stone pressure plate.
6. Make a lever.
7. Make a second mob trap using at least 100 redstone.
8. Make 30 redstone blocks.
9. Make a giant complicated machine with redstone.

1. Make a nether portal.
2. Earn a ghast tear.
3. Earn a blaze rod.
4. Earn 15 golden nuggets.
5. Have 10 zombie pigmen chasing you at the same time.
6. Find a nether fortress.
7. Make a nether wart farm.
8. Make 64 quartz blocks.
9. Defeat the wither.

1. Build a 1 floored 20x20 house using iron blocks and glass panes.
2. Build a second floor of you house using bricks and glass blocks.
3. Add 15 chests to your house.
4. Make a third floor out of stone bricks and stained glass panes.
5. Call your third floor "The Master Bedroom" and add 2 beds to it.
6. Make a fourth floor out of stained glass blocks.
7. Make a "safe room" out of obsidian.
8. Make a fifth floor out of netherack from the nether.
9. Have a party at your house using cookies as food.

1. Build an end portal.
2. Earn 64 eyes of ender.
3. Make 5 ender chests.
4. Have 15 endermen chasing you at the same time.
5. Build a sixth floor of your house using endstone.
6. Earn 20 levels by killing endermen.
8. Let an enderman chase you for 30 minutes.
9. Defeat the ender dragon.

1. Create a minecraft forums account.
2. Comment five times about what you thought of this map.
3. Post a screenshot of your house.
4. Folow my topic for this map.
5. Create a youtube account.
6. Make a video of my map.
7. Tell me that you've made a video so I can subscribe to your channel and put your video on the forums page.
8. Rate my post.
9. Check out my other maps.

So, if you are interested, then please download my map. Also, subscribe to my MC forums account too.

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