[Surv] Life in Egypt V1.0 [1.4.7+]

Welcome! This is my third map I have made and you must survive and thrive in Egypt to complete this map. Throughout the map are hidden treasures and items, so look around!

Plot: Lately, Egypt has been poor and famished. They asked you to bring Egypt back to its former glory. To do so, you must:

Make a tree farm
Make a melon farm
Make a pumpkin farm
Make a carrot farm
Make a potato farm
Make a sugar cane farm
Make a wheat farm
Make a cactus farm
Make a mooshroom farm
Make a pig farm
Make a sheep farm
Get one poison potato
Get 18 saplings
Make a iron golem from mining in the mineshaft
Get 3 apples
Find 2 diamonds
Use the diamonds to make an enchantment table
Enchant three items
Make 15 bread
Make a red giant mushroom and a brown giant mushroom
Make 10 red wool
Make 10 green wool
Make 10 mushroom stews
Get 25 regular wool
Find a pyramid
Make 5 books
Get 4 emeralds
Trade with a priest villager to get 2 redstone dust

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