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This is the Resource Pack Test Map I've made in Minecraft. The RPTM is a bit larger than other test maps you may have downloaded. The benefits to this map is that all blocks are clearly labelled and spread out for full viewing as well as separated into rooms by theme. It includes all current blocks, items, mobs, particles, biomes up to the 1.8 update.

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1.8 Map Features

- Entire map is separated into dedicated rooms based on theme
- Every item clearly labelled for ease of viewing in odd resource packs
- All regular blocks, including the new red sandstone, prismarine and wetsponge
- All main biomes for grass, tree, vine appearance
- Time switching for sun, moon and star gazing
- Weather switching with rain and snow viewing areas
- Full particle effect displays including dripping water and lava, explosions, smoke, notes, XP, etc.
- Dedicated section for viewing GUIs like backgrounds of chests, crafting table, hopper, etc.
- All plants, tress, huge mushrooms displayed in a greenhouse area
- Water and Lava in various forms, moving, falling, stationary
- Nether and End Portals
- All passive and hostile mobs easily viewable at close range, including baby Endermites, Rabbits, Elder Guardian and the Ender Dragon
- Easily viewable weapon and tool display for all materials
- Inventory entities in chests clearly labelled
- Viewable armour on ArmorStands and Equipping Stations for the 5 armour types
- 100% complete Art Gallery, includes every painting in the game
- Separated redstone room with user activated items
- Active minecart track and boat
- Full playsounds library

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If you load this map older versions older than 1.8, some blocks will be missing. In order to get the map working properly, you need to run this at the version is is made for.


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