Minecraft Map Types

If you are lost in the variety of maps presented on our website, or if you are just new to Minecraft maps, below you may find a short description of all of the different maps that we currently have on our website. We will definitely add more categories in the future, including PvP-style and Complete the Monument maps.

Adventure maps

As the name of the category says, these maps are focusing on telling a story and you will be playing as the main character in the adventure. We strongly advise you to read all of the in-game signs, because they will provide you with instructions on what to do and will help you to follow the main story of the map.

Creation maps

The main objective of these type of maps is show your creation to others. It can be some beautiful city, or some castle, or some copy of the place you have seen in the real life or in the different game.

Game maps
Game maps are created within Minecraft. So it’s like game inside the game (game-ception!). Those maps may include some gold yard or some tower defense games. Some of these maps are quite complex and require a lot of time to actually make them. That’s why there are not so many game maps compared to the other type of maps.

Modded World

Modded world are quite complicated to create. However those maps are quite popular between Minecraft creators and players. Basically the map from this category is something that you have already seen in the movie (like Hunger Games map) or something completely invented and created by user like some laboratory, prison yard or anything else.

Survival maps
The main objective of these maps is to create some place and situation where player should think wisely how to survive. For example – player spawns on a desert island with very limited resources and should survive for as long as possible. There are also maps that combine survival and adventure type of the game.

Puzzle maps
These ones I think all understand. The main objective of puzzle maps is to test player’s problem solving skills. You should expect numerous mazes, traps and redstone puzzles. A lot of puzzle maps has a story attached to them as well which makes them quite attractive to play.

Parkour maps
Parkour maps – same as parkour in the real life. Your character should get from the point A to the point B as quickly as possible and you should help him to do that. Usually these kinds of maps contain a lot of challenging jumping puzzles and other traps that will test the players’ skill and patience.