Terra Restore 1

Map thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2278864-ctm-bosses-bosses-collection-mitheys-maps-terra FeaturesTerra Restore is a new CTM map for 1.8 that I began development in 1.6 and has the following features:Length: 15-30 hours of gameplayDifficulty: Easy for the first par...
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    Supports: 1.8.2
  • Created 02.21.2015


You worked for a villager mining company—at least you did. One day while surveying for the company an anomaly was discovered, an unstable fault in the bedrock leading to the deep recesses below. A team of miners was sent to investigate but upon traveling through, an earthquake collapsed the mine sending you,...
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    Supports: 1.8.1
  • Created 02.18.2015


Set in a post apocalypic world you must survive and complete the victory monument to win... There are puzzles and mob arenas and much more to come.   EARLY BETA (I need people to test)...
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    Supports: 1.8
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Welcome to AllootriaA rich Country with plenty of loot to plunder.Final goal is to eliminate the Bad guys and hit The End.In this map are 100 Holy Diamonds hidden.You don't need to find them all. But you can trade them for a Powerful armor & weapons, that will keep you Alive in The Darkness. Just find the righ...
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    Supports: 1.7.10
  • Created 02.17.2015

Even the Best Minecraft Players will die here.

Trapped under 140 levels of lava ocean, this world really challenges the player both in the early and late game. You must make use of the bonus chest and all your MineCraft knowledge to succeed in this world, and with a bit of luck and a LOT of hard work you may one day find yourself escaped from the sea of lava!&...
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  • Created 02.14.2015

Biome Islands: Extreme Mountains

     **Important: After you downloaded the file from this site, Double click "Download Link" url file to download from Dropbox for a better download quality! Welcome to Biome Islands: Extreme Mountains Survival Edition! This is an island that combined almost all the biomes in Minecraft. Yo...
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v1.8.1_[Basic Home Survival]

YOU WILL Possibility Of Having A Level / Very Easy. Let there be already included:1. You will have Grills For That Most of Monsters No Pass. and Also so that you are protected.2. You will have a CN Tower, To Serve You. What If You lose the Basic Home Survival.3. House With Chest To That Can Guard Your Blocks. ...
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  • Created 02.07.2015

Sky Village

Yes, it's yet another Skyblock clone... But is it like anything you've seen before? Nope...Introducing... Sky Village!The map where all you have at your disposal to survive is a naturally generated village!Other skyblock maps give you a source of cobblestone, wood, and other renewable resources. Sky Village takes ...
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  • Created 01.30.2015


A small scale of Hawaii...
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  • Created 01.30.2015

Coop's Sky Island

It Is My Own Sky Island With Many Different Layers Of Blocks Ores Even Wood :D Version 1.0...
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  • Created 01.18.2015

Flight - Tec Survival Island

Congratulations! You have found yourself floating in the Flight-Tec Survival Raft and have not perished with your fellow airline commuters. That's right, you are the sole survivor of this terrible plane crash in the middle of the ocean. In front of you, there shall be a Flight-Tec Survival Kit, in it you will find...
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  • Created 01.17.2015

Aker Desert

The Aker desert is a dangerous place and your first task is to survive. In order to survive you need to locate the oases that are scatter throw out the desert. Everything that you find might help you later, don't waste any resources. If you manage to survive, your objective is to discover the secret...
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  • Created 01.03.2015