Waka Islands v1.1.5

THANKS FOR OVER 300,000 DOWNLOADS!!!!Welcome! This version is the final release. It will, however, be released in stages due to the fact that I require the aid of MCP, then Forge, then Ingame NBTedit! DO NOT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE! If you want to do a Let's Play of this or a review, feel free to do so, just provide a l...
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    Supports: 1.8
  • Created 11.30.2014

The Walking Dead: Woodbury [1.8.3+]

A recreation of the town "Woodbury" From " The Walking Dead" It Contains 40 chests to find. You may change it how you like it. It could be a Zombie Survival Map! or A mob Survival or w/e you'd like! Took 2 weeks to finish. Mainly designed for Trouble in Mineville.(Currently on the servers)1. You may use this proje...
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    Supports: 1.6.2
  • Created 12.11.2014

Survival Map

Itยดs a survival map, you can continue the adventure. The house that appears in the photo is located in an island that has a mine....
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    Supports: 1.5.2
  • Created 08.24.2013

The Best Survival Island

Small, Starting Chest with the rules and some saplingsSmall, isolated.Perfect for youtube series, and hardcore minecraft!Created by HarryBumbZombie101tactics...
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    Supports: 1.5.1
  • Created 08.25.2013


You MUST wear sunglasses while you read this post :DThis post is about my newest MC survival map. It's called UNDERGROUND SURVIVAL and is compatible with MC 1.7.2. You spawn in a small room deep in a cave system, and you need to stay alive and complete the challenges. You are allowed to leave the cave system, but ...
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    Supports: 1.7.2
  • Created 10.30.2013

Unknown - Begin Your Adventure

Buckle your belts and raid the fridge, you are about to embark on a huge Minecraft adventure! Unknown takes place on a HUGE tropical island riddled with challenging dungeons.Download the map and begin your adventure now....
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    Supports: 1.7.2
  • Created 11.14.2013


Hello there,this is the first map I've been working on for some friends of mine, as we wanted to play Minecraft but didn't want to waste our time on doing things everyone else on the planet has to do when starting a new world in Minecraft, as it's very common for us to have problems finding time to play all togeth...
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    Supports: 1.7.10
  • Created 08.17.2014

Micro Cubes [v1.1]

Welcome,---Micro Cubes v1.1 is a Skyblock-styled Survival Map with a touch of Minecraft Captive in it.If you play on a Server, be sure to enable Commandblocks (/gamerule commandBlockOutput true) first!You start in a small cube and have to complete achievements in order to get to other cubes.--- Each Achievement yo...
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    Supports: 1.8
  • Created 10.08.2014

An Island in the Sky

Survival map on a floating island with all the materials you need to get to The End....
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    Supports: 1.5.2
  • Created 08.25.2013

Sphere Survival

Hey, MCCubs19 here, and here is a survival map I made called Sphere Survival!...
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    Supports: 1.6.2
  • Created 08.23.2013

Sky Homes [1.7.2]

Just like SkyBlock has challenges, this map does too. These challenges are written in the book present in the chest at the spawn House, the cobble house....
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    Supports: 1.7.2
  • Created 11.05.2013

Survival Games 6

Made by: Vareidewww.youtube.com/vareidePlay it now on: hivemc.eu...
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    Supports: 1.6.1
  • Created 08.24.2013