[v1.1.0] Rail Maze

Official topic at the Minecraft ForumWhat is Rail Maze?Rail Maze is a puzzle map where you have to get a minecart from point A to point B by being creative, solving puzzles and showing off your reflexes. Change track directions, use pistons, tunnels, intersections, or even use a chicken to help you!I will make mor...
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    Supports: 1.6.2
  • Created 09.03.2013

Wrecked on Xena

The largest collection of Minecraft puzzles ever compiled! You must survive traps that test every component of Minecraft knowledge to the limit in order to make it out - alive. With over 65 mind-bending challenges to get past, Wrecked on Xena will keep you entertained for quite a while! An incorporated story give ...
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    Supports: 1.4.7
  • Created 08.21.2013

World #57 Now Available for Habitation!

Are you one of the deserving humans that survived Earth's destruction?Yes?! Then World #57 is for you!Just solve some games, puzzles, and riddles and this World could be yours!This adventure puzzle map has no parkour. Only brain power needed!THIS PUZZLE MAP IS VERY HARD!...
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    Supports: 1.7.4
  • Created 03.09.2014

WoolWorld: The Two Cubes

Wool World is the map,where everything is made out of wool.You have a gem which gives you an ability, to travel in time.Details:(regular world)A nice mushroom,A little hill,A sapling,A bridge,A floating island,And a big tree.(future)A Scary mushroom,A little brown hill,A full grow tree,A broken bridge,A old floati...
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Important:This map is for single player only.Version 1.8 and up.Description:Welcome to "Up", a puzzle map where the objective is to go... Up!In each stage, you will be provided with a set of items to assist your ascend.This puzzle map contains 15 levels and features a hint/skip system.Average playtesting sessions ...
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  • Created 02.22.2015


Shinshi is a town of the 21st century. Internet and cellphone services run at unbelievably high speeds at relatively low prices. This is all because of everyone's preferred provider: Ulicith. With advances in technology, Ulicith has managed to drop prices far below other providers. They began producing laptops, ph...
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  • Created 08.22.2014

Think Mine V2 Puzzle Map

I was using mediafire but stopped when a mediafire glitch happened.(The Glitch is that mediafire says 0 for all the downloads even though someone downloaded it.)Images are on the forum. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1810262-thinkmine-puzzle-map-800-downloads-version-20-out-now/...
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  • Created 08.13.2013

TheImmortalz spin on skyblock v1

start on skyblock island too get down you must fix the cobblestone generator than to reach the survival part of this map you must complete the adventure part witch begins with you finding the first challengecontact me if u find any problems or want to suggest somehting for me tom improve on this map or if u want m...
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  • Created 08.24.2013


This is a short puzzle map (more of a challenge) where you must find 3 levers to escape to freedom. Rules: Don't break blocks. Only place pumpkins. If your REALLY stuck, scroll down for the walkthrough. If not, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN! Have funWalkthrough: go behind the left side of spawn and get a pumpkin. Put the pum...
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    Supports: 1.5.1
  • Created 08.13.2013

The Name of The Book?

The Name of The Book? We have created a new and unique puzzle map: The Name of The Book?. You work in the library and need to find out the name of your boss his favourite book (You'll get a present!). Trade with villagers (they can be found everywhere in the map) for clues.It is highly recommended to play the...
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  • Created 01.02.2015

The Maze of Two Exits

This is my first map, so it won't be anything spectacular!...
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  • Created 10.23.2014

The Green - Smooth Version

Hey Guys!Today we proudly present our new map: The Green! A map that's full of mindfuckness, puzzelness and other epicness! Hope you guys enjoy ;D!Rules:- Turn Smooth Lighting off- Turn View Bobbing off- Don't kill any mobs or hit them, unless you're told to do so.- Don't try to abuse any exploids- Report any bugs...
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    Supports: 1.7.4
  • Created 04.30.2014