Parkour World: The Adventures FULL FREE

Welcome to Parkour World: The Adventures!A Minecraft's Parkour Map with 7 levels. Extense ¿no?Your objective is: Don't fall from blocks and complete levelsand the game... STORY Steve, it's a guy who plays illegal Parkour in his city (HeightsCity).People were so angry, so they planned to expel Stev...
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    Supports: 1.5.2
  • Created 02.21.2015

Uptation Parkour

Thanks EndermaticGaming For All The Help...
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    Supports: 1.8.2
  • Created 02.20.2015

[ใพใ˜ใ‚“] Majin

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The point of the map is just to race in the parkour against your friends and see who can get 3 diamonds from the end of all 3 parkours. The map is fun, simple, and quick. Since the spawnpoints are buggy, feel free to use creative mode (gamemode 1) if you fall off. But you have to type fast! Have fun!  &n...
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    Supports: 1.8.1
  • Created 02.14.2015

The Logdotzip Parkour Map - 1.8 Parkour Map

IF YOU RECORD A VIDEO, MAKE SURE TO LEAVE MY CHANNEL LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION: The map time frame varies if you're a pro parkour master, or if you're not as experienced. This 1.8 Parkour map is all about the amazing youtuber, Logdotzip! HAVE FUN!...
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  • Created 02.12.2015

Barrier Block Parkour

Have Fun. Post any problems....
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  • Created 02.07.2015

Herobrine's Island

Parkour through herobrine's world...
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  • Created 01.29.2015

A Spring in Your Step Parkour

Prepare for the ultimate parkour challenge! With many types of parkour including classic parkour, cactus parkour, ladder parkour, and many others, you'll have a load of fun! This map also includes new forms of parkour including slime parkour, invisible parkour, and many more! Includes:An odd story/plotAn amaz...
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    Supports: 1.8
  • Created 01.24.2015

Invisiblocks Parkour

You like parkour? Well, here's a map for you. Instead of jumping from the traditional solid blocks, in this parkour map, you jump from barrier blocks. But there's a catch. The barrier blocks are invisible. How can you know where to jump? The adjacent block to a barrier block will be different from the rest. But be...
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  • Created 01.24.2015

Experiment 551

Complete the map with the levels, or do it how you want! An 8 leveled parkour map with a "guide" you could say. Yosupdude548More maps like "Kingdom of Milertos" Coming soon.Youtube:
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  • Created 01.23.2015

Pro Parkour

Pro Parkour is a parkour that will test your limits and see if you are truly the master of parkour! Features: - 10 levels! - Fully automatic command blocks! - Deaths scoreboard! - Works in single-player and multi-player Please leave feedback in comments! This map only w...
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  • Created 01.19.2015

Elemental Parkour

There are 8 elements to complete in order to finish this map. Fire, water, earth, air, ice, dark, light, and nature. You must complete all of these to escape the wizard's trap. (I am planning to make a series to this in the future, so check back!) If you are a YouTuber, please credit Complexity1084 for creating th...
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  • Created 01.18.2015