Diversity 2

LEGAL PERMISSIONS: In order to record Diversity 2, you must list the build team members by name and include the map link, http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/topic/2200445 in your video description. MINECRAFT VERSION: This map has been tested in 1.8.3. Running this map in ANY other version of Minecraft is not...
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    Supports: 1.8.1
  • Created 02.20.2015


THE TWO MOST COMMON PROBLEMS REPORTED WITH THE MAP1. "When I step on the intro plate I get no wool"- You MUST play this map in Minecraft 1.7.4 - no other version2. "I put the folder into my save but it won't show up"- Don't place the entire folder in your saves, only put the folder titled Diversity (v1.3.0) into y...
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    Supports: 1.7.4
  • Created 10.26.2014

The Library (Dropper Collaboration)

[Note: This map was created in Minecraft 1.4.5 please use the launcher's profile editor to create a profile using that version of the game.  I cannot guarantee this works in the latest version of Minecraft]45 challengers submitted 1 โ€œdropโ€ as part of my challenge4 additional drops were crea...
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Minevolution is a game without boundaries. It consists of breaking an infinite stone to buy better tools and gather better resources through trades.It initially started as an experiment to see how powerful the efficiency enchantment could get, and then it became the madness it is now.From the moment where you fist...
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stampy world

is a game made to stampy longe nose I am the builder manu1099 and i am portuguese.you need take the world of the 1ยบ paste<a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/"...
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  • Created 04.23.2014

DeathRun Server - 1.6.4

Folder with everything already setup to start playing DeathRun with your friends.Don't forget to install the resource pack!...
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  • Created 08.25.2013

DeathRun World Only

DeathRun: World OnlyDon't forget to install the resourcepack!...
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  • Created 08.25.2013

Minecraft Mini-Game Cops and Robbers

Hope you have fun and Play this on LAN or make it a server if you got problems contact me in Comments or Email ohunt5@eq.edu.au...
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  • Created 08.25.2013

Infinity Dungeon

The Infinity Dungeon is a randomly generated dungeon crawler made for single or multiplayer. Every spawner, every room and a lot of chests are randomly selected and placed into the world for you to explore and conquer. There is a sort of overarching story and a secret ending! But don't tell anyone about that... It...
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  • Created 09.03.2014

Small 1v1 PVP Map

Just a small Map that can run on slow computers.How to use:1)Both players should go to either one of the Rooms on either sides of the map by flying in on creative2)When both players are ready each of them should flip the switch and both doors will open(BOTH SWITCHES MUST BE ON)3)It is optional but the recommended ...
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  • Created 08.25.2013

Battle Domes PVP map

Battle Domes is a PVP map that only has 2 current maps. More maps will be coming soon such as the football field the village and much much more. Their are many different classes and two different game modes which are team death match and team archery. The current version is 1.1. their will be much more updates com...
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Simburbia is a custom map for Minecraft. It is a city simulator system (Sim City in Minecraft) with plot relationships, power systems, overlays, money, population, abandonment and of course disasters. 1.8 is required as well as a good computer. This map WILL BREAK if you can't run on render distance 10 and in fact...
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  • Created 09.10.2014