Eronev Mansion Adventure

After your adventure in the wild, you return to your home town of Eronev. From the beginning though, something seems wrong. There is a meeting being held at the town hall due to the villagers going missing. Can you help them? Can you uncover the secrets within?

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General Rules and Information:Best played with monsters ON.
Don't destroy any block unless told otherwise.
Follow instructions on the signs.
Throughout the adventure there will be lots of signs floating around, they do not have a function. Just throw them away.

Redstone Rules:Redstone dust can be placed on Red Wool
Levers and buttons can be placed on the sides of redstone ore blocks.
Pressure plates can be placed on the top of redstone ore blocks.
Only Buttons are allowed to be removed and reused.

If playing on SMP ensure enable-command-block is set to true in the file!

If something weird happened and you didn't spawn at the beginning (usually happens on bukkit smp's) Then the coordinates are: x=-131 y=68 z=257

Eronev Mansion Feature List:[/center]Multiple Endings (These aren't your parents lame ending sequences)
Dynamic Story Telling (NPC's change what they say depending what you do)
Excessive Command Blocks (extra npc dialogue, setting spawn points and more!)
Interactive Scoring System (Gold bars? check. This adventure also counts the number of quests you complete)
Innovative Puzzle Design (Ever tried to complete a musical combination lock on a time limit?)
Big world to explore (Go crazy and walk around! There are borders, so don't worry about "Escaping" the level!)
Upgrade System (Over time you'll be able to do more!)
Good Sized Adventure (Takes 1-3 hours to complete!)
Fully 1.5 compatible (Sprint till your hearts content. Yeah it isn't broken like everyone elses maps!)
Completion Scoring System (Take a screenshot of the final room and post it here to compare scores!)

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