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Terra Restore is a new CTM map for 1.8 that I began development in 1.6 and has the following features:
Length: 15-30 hours of gameplay
Difficulty: Easy for the first part of the map but gets progressively harder and more challenging
Players: 1-4 players (1-2 recommended)

5 unique, challenging, and well thought-out boss monsters which have abilities controlled by redstone and fully reset if you die
Bosses scale with the amount of players
A custom upgradable base with farms, teleports, music and such
Restore the monument area to it's original state! You can find up to 16 Terra Restores located in chests in dungeons to use on the monument area to restore structures and bring life back to the land

Recipe system for 3 custom types of armors which have 4 tiers
Custom potion system to make potions more useful
Takes full control of the newest commands in 1.6-1.8
Beautiful and immersive music, every area has a song attached to it and so do bosses
A wide variety of beautiful environments including some outdoor areas
Partially inspired by many great games such as Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Rogue Legacy, and many more
Fantasy setting with some story elements and some cutscenes

•A ton of fun!

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