[1.7.2+] 3mptied's End, Your Beginning


3mptied's End, Your Beginning is a "quick-start" Survival map. It has some houses, a church, a lake, a guard tower, a panic room! all mainly made of wood and cobblestone. It has some resources to start with, a farm, with crops and animals, and also has a horse and horse armor. This Mini-town is aproximately 10 blocks from the spawn point, so, if you die, you won't need to worry about searching for the town. It is also between two dark oak forests, great for looting wood!One of my objectives for this map was to not make it overpowered, which will make people get bored. I hope you enjoy this map!Below there are some nice screenshots to look at what you are going to download.


Bird viewDaytimeNighttimeAnimals and CropsChurch and its MarketSome houses


Why is this map named so? Download this map and find out in 3mptied's mini-house!3mptied's mini-house

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