[v1.0.1] Lava Box Survival


"You are trapped inside a diamond shaped box, made out of various materials for you to use, surrounded with lava. Survive and complete the challenges below."

The only rule is: do not play on peaceful.

1) Expand the box by using a piston
2) Enchant a sword
3) Make a diamond pickaxe
4) Craft a bow
5) Craft a bed
6) Make a cobblestone generator
7) Craft a bucket
8 ) Make a house
9) Craft a painting
10) Grow a tree
11) Set a Netherrack on fire
12) Make a fishing rod
13) Catch a fish and cook it
14) Let mobs spawn in your box
15) Make a melon farm
16) Make a potato farm
17) Make a carrot farm
18) Make an infinite water source
19) Craft a jukebox
20) Let a skeleton kill a creeper to get a disc, then play it in your jukebox


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