Isoland 1

You create a new map and your stranded in the middle of the sea. The only resources you have are some string and some sticks. The island is mostly made up of sand. The water surrounding it stretches for miles and miles of chunks. You try to delete the world and create a new one, but Minecraft wont do it. You try to forget about it. You click out of Minecraft. You log into Minecraft again the next day. You try to create a new world, it doesn't work. You get a message stating that Minecraft has crashed. The map has taken over your Minecraft. The only way to get your Minecraft back to normal is to beat the map, Therefore, you need to survive.

(Your Minecraft dosn't really stop working, That just the story line of it.)

Objectives and Achievements!
1) Create a Crafting Table
2) Create a Pickaxe
3) Create a Shovel
4) Make a Wheat farm
5) Find the buried treasure.
6) Create a Cobblestone Generator.
7) Expand the island (Sand blocks aren't recommended).
8) Create a Furnace .
9) Make a Mobgrinder/trap and/or Mobfarm (Has to be at least 25 blocks away from spawn).
10) replace the whole top of the island with dirt then let the grass grow until it covers it all.
11) Mine some Iron.
12) Craft Iron tools.
13) Make a house, off the island. Out of stone, dirt, or cobble stone.
14) Make a mineshaft. (Sand falls, be careful)
15) Mine some Gold.
16) Create a Gold Block
17) Construct flint and steel
18) Find the Pigfarm
19) Make a safe tunnel, or pipe to the Pigfarm.
20) Make a video of what you have created so far and send it to me.
21) Travel to the Neather
22) Gather Neatherrack and build a nice platform out of it.

The whole map

1) No Xray/Cavefinder
2) No mods or add-ons to minecraft, that could harm the main objective of the game (Single player commands, Worldedit)
3) Post a link to the download if you do a lets play, then send it to me so i can verify it.

Next map: [v1.1.0] Rail Maze

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