[Horror] THE HOSPITAL - Silent Hill


a horror map by Zvede

This is a horror map so it contains a story, scary atmosphere and jumpscares.
Don't lose your mind!
The map is best played on Single Player!

VERSION: 1.6.2
This map uses a custom resource pack with custom sounds!
Feel free to make a playtrough video Posted Image
The map is not long, so it would take about 10-20 minutes
to complete.

1. Don't break anything at all
2. Play on tiny render distance
3. Turn music and sound on, but the sound a little bit louder.
4. Set brightness to moody (not if recording)
5. You may break item frames!
6. Set the difficulty to hard
7. Use keys only where supposed to!

If on server:
Turn command blocks ON
Set difficulty to HARD!

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