Hellish Escape

Long ago, your ancestors built a portal to the nether, thought to be a safe haven.A few years later, They built a Fortress inside the nether to defend against the invasion of endermen in the overworld. Little did they know, that the nether was far from a safe haven. Long before the discovery of ghasts, your ancestors didn't believe that a defense system was necessary, and therefore did not build one. That was a mistake. The ghasts slave army, the Zombie Pigman Nation, invaded your once beautiful fortress. They slaughtered everyone, that is, except for you. You now must escape the fortress and warn your colleagues in the overworld of the impending invasion. Though that may not be easy. Your ancestors that built this fortress added a intensive locking mechanism, which requires a key, which is now inside a ghasts stomach. The backup system they installed is very challenging, and this is where you come in. Escape the fortress and warn your colleagues before it's too late. Good Luck.

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