Here is the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to give you an answer for the most common questions that are usually asked.


Q: I have uploaded my Minecraft map, but it hasn’t been added to the website yet!

A: Well, your map hasn’t been added yet to our website probably because of various reasons such as:

-       We couldn’t download the map from the link you have provided.

-       No screenshot of the map has been added.

-       The description of the map is not unique or detailed enough, or it has been left blank.

However, most of the times your map hasn’t been added yet because it wasn’t verified by our moderator team yet. Be patient. All of the maps will be reviewed in time.


Q: Can I update my map and the details after it has been approved?

A: Definitely yes. There are two ways to update your map. You can upload your map once again with the updated version, using the same name, or you can also use Contact form on our website and inform us about the changes you would like to make to your existing map.


Q: How to install a new Minecraft map that I have downloaded from your website?

A: Please visit the “How to install Minecraft maps” page on our website, you will find there all of the details on how to install a new map.


Q: I wanted to download a map, but the download link is no longer working.

A: Sometimes it happens and if you have found a broken or no longer working download link, please contact us via Contact form on our site so we can fix it quickly. Thank you.


Q: Why it is necessary to convert some maps before playing them?

A: It is necessary to convert some old maps to the new format. With the Minecraft 1.2 update a new file format called “The Anvil” was introduced. And now, any custom map made for previous versions of the game should be converted to that new format.


Q: Do these Minecraft maps work on the iOS and Xbox 360?

A: Negative. All of the maps that you can find on our website were specifically made for the PC version of the game. The Xbox 360 and iOS versions of the maps are very old and do not have new features that were added in the latest updates for PC platform, such as command blocks and other. The spawn point will likely be different as well.


Q: Is Minecraft free?

A: Negative. It is B2P (buy to play) kind of game. You will have to pay once the amount of $25.95 (other currencies are available) to be able to play the game. All future updates of the game are already included in the price. The free version of the Minecraft is called Minecraft Classic. Also you may want to try the 2011 PC Gamer Demo. However, both of those versions are outdated.


Q: Who is the creator of Minecraft?

A: Minecraft was originally created by a single man, known by the name of Markus “Notch” Persson – Swedish programmer and game designer. Now the game is being developed by his company called Mojang AB.