Alleron City

Alleron City

Alleron City is the city that I started over 1.5 years ago. The city has a state of the art Metro system that will take you to all the major places in the city. The far west side of the city is the neighbourhood of Windermere where 12 of the biggest luxury homes in Alleron are. West central Allreon is the district named Oceanic Front. Oceanic Front features multiple appartment/condo skyscrapers, ocean front views and a man made lake for ultimate transportation. Branching off the Oceanic front are 4 mega builds including Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, The Titanic and Burj Al Arab. Just south of Oceanic Front is the Alleron Mall, Alleron Zoo and Schloss Neuschwanstein. Moving toward the east the downtown center of Alleron sits in a over sized valley. The Alleron Core contains a collection of super structures including, Sears Tower, CN Tower, Shanghai World financial, Bow Tower, Hong Kong World Trade, Taipei 101, Central Plaza, Bank of China, Citi Tower, 10+ Custom builds and Burj Khalifa. North of the main core The World Islands are still under construction and just to the east of the islands you can find the Alleron International airport GSX.

Alleron is ever expanding, so download it today and see what one person can do with blocks!

Alleron is now on Facebook !!! check it out for more frequent updates!!

Alleron can now be seen all at one time, Alleron 3D
Planet Minecraft

AlleronCraft texture pack is needed AND included with the download enjoy :)


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