Clouds of Darkness Map Templates

This is a downloadable version of the map used in the Clouds of Darkness modpack on the Feed the Beast Launcher. the map will not work without the pack.

This is here to provide a place for people to download the map before the newest version of Clouds of Darkness is released.

We will number our maps along with the version of the modpack it is made for along with a letter to tell you what version of the map you are downloading.

Example --> v1.1.3a = This tells you that the current map is for v1.1.3 of Clouds of Darkness and version a of the Map

To use this map you will need to download the modpack from the Feed the Beast Launcher and place the downloaded file into your saves folder after you extract it.

You are able to play all maps released here on softcore or hardcore.

/hqm quest = softcore

/hqm enable = hardcore

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