[UHC] Launch and play Map

Great map if you just want to quickly play a UHC (ultra hard core) map. Adds in eternal day, random player spawns, and a death counter. Currently this box implements a border via redstone, you have 500 block from 0,0 to play in. If you leave the area, you'll get teleported 2 block back, and if there is a block in the way... you'll take damage.

Other features:

~automated (no need to tp' into the box, spawn is dealt with.)
~Play team death match or PvP
~anti-creative (once game is started)
~health is displayed in "tab" menu
~Player kills is displayed in sidebar
~Eternal day is active (time is always set to 10,000)


Note: If you ever use this for Youtube or Twitch, please link back to this project.

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