Dainty House

Ok, so I created a map and the map site I posted it on doesn't really allow mods, so I thought I'd just put them down here along with a link to the map!

About The Map

In this map you will see a simple yet nice house built out of dark oak wood and birch wood, it has four separate rooms, and when using the MrCrayfish Furniture mod (which you don't have o but it is recommended), you will find the house fully furnished. The room you walk into is the kitchen/living room, the room to the left is the study, and the room the the right is the bathroom, and upstairs is the bedroom. When I built this house I had a plethora of mods, you absolutely don't need them for the House but I have them because the map was intended for a Modded Creative Series type thing, which I didn't do because I am too lazy. Basically the map has a nice house that you don't have to build, it's already done for you and it is located in a Flower Forest so it has decent aesthetics and a nice view.

**Also below I posted some photos of the house the map is based on, and I'll also be adding some photos of the quarry setup I have (oops spoiler I used Buildcraft as one of the mods) and to get to the quarry I have a road set up to take you out to the desert it is located in.

 Mods I used: in 1.7.2
1. Forge Mod Loader/Minecraft Forge

2. Too Many Items/ NEI kept crashing mine

3. Malisis' Door Mod

4. Lucky Block Mod

5. Weapons +

6. Damage Indicators

7. Extended Workbench

8. TreeCapitator

9. Animated Players

10. Attachable Grinders

11. BuildCraft

12. Crafting Guide

13. DogCat Plus

14. Iron Chests

15. Javal Cars

16. Map Writer

17. MCCapes

18. More Swords 

19. MrCrayfish Furniture Mod

20. Quiver Bow 

I hope you enjoy the map! :)

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