Agrarian Skies Classic Skyblocks [Unofficial]

I was asked by someone to create a custom map for them for this mod-pack. I thought I would share a set of maps that I made for this pack in varying difficulties based on the classic skyblock look. I used the flat platform map as a base so all of the Thaumcraft nodes are still there and the surrounding biomes are the same. I suggest typing "/jspawn set" to set your spawn first upon loading any of these maps.

Click the Download button for the Normal map. For the other versions, click the Files tab and select which version you desire.

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The classic normal has a 3x3x3 block of dirt with a pre-grown tree. All of the normal items are included in a chest in addition to 2 water source blocks. Some may find this map easier than the flat platform or the home sweet home since you get a jump on dirt blocks and you get a pre-grown tree.

Classic Easy has more bonemeal, flint, water and a free cheeseburger. Enjoy!

Classic Hard has 50% less dirt, 33% less bonemeal, 25% less flint and only 1 water source block.

Classic Brutal has 80% less dirt, 66% less bonemeal, 50% less flint and NO water source block. You will have to wait for rain to get water.. Oh and watch your step :p

Classic OMGFU has only a single dirt block to start, 85% less bonemeal, 75% less flint and NO water source block. You will have to wait for rain to get water.. Your first goal is to not fall into the void! Not for the faint of heart :p Oh and you start at night instead of the morning for that extra creepy feel! Good luck surviving more than a few days on this one. You better have a tight starting strategy to get established :p Be careful with that limited bonemeal. You better save back 7 pieces for a crucible or you will have to farm some skeletons before you can get a cobble gen going.

Classic WTF will test even the best sky block veterans. Good Luck!

Good luck and have fun!

Official maps can be found here

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